simplehuman - tools for efficienct living

simplehuman prides itself on designing and manufacturing top quality products that not only add to the decor of your home, but also to keep you more organized and efficient. Their latest line of pet food containers is no exception. From the simple addition of a magnetic scoop that attaches to the underside of the lid (so you don't need to feel around for it in the dog food) to the easy-to-use lock-tight handle that not only keeps your dog's food fresh, but keeps insects and pests out!


Key Features of simplehuman Dog Food Storage Units

  • Airtight Seal - keeps food fresh and insects out.

  • Magnetic Lid-Mounted Scoop - no more feeling around in the dog food to find the scoop.

  • Food Safe Removable Liner - BPA free so there are no worries if you dump the dog food directly into the liner. Also makes for easy cleaning.

  • Built-In Wheels - wheels at the back make it easy to move the container, even when completely full.

  • Slim, Spacing-Saving Design - let's you make the most of tight spaces

Video Demonstration

Watch this video for a demonstration of how easy it is to keep your dog's food fresh and your kitchen stylish.