IRIS is a well respected manufacturer of plastic storage containers for home, office, hobbies, and pets. They have been around since 1994 and are leading manufacturers of high-quality storage products. IRIS containers are committed to solving their customer's storage needs.


As far as pet products go, IRIS makes pet carriers, litter boxes, containment gates, and feeding stations, as well as their well known pet food storage containers.


Storage Containers on Wheels


Need to be able to move your dog food storage containers around? Perhaps you need to slide it in and out of tight spaces? Look for these large storage containers with casters for easy maneuverability.


Airtight Seal


Their pet food storage containers have a strong locking mechanism for keeping the lid on and the container airtight.









Perhaps you don't want to have to dig in and scoop out dog food. In that case, Iris offers storage containers with food dispenser at the bottom of the storage. These units are easy to fill and are designed to sit on the floor, counter-top, or many customers keep it on a shelf for easy, daily access. The clear storage compartment makes it easy to tell when you are getting low on pet food.


Elevated Feeders


Another option includes elevated feeders with dog food storage conveniently underneath the food and water bowls. Customers love these airtight dog food storage containers that are also great space-saving units.


Basic Dog Food Storage Containers


Then there is the ever popular basic storage containers without casters, which range in capacity from 11 quarts to 23 quarts, and come with different color lids (almond, blue, white, green) and some containers are clear, while some also have a smoky/clear body. People simply love their Iris containers. They are durable, low cost, easy to clean, easy to fill, easy to get pet food from, and the lid easily locks into place to provide an airtight seal.


With so many different types, capacity options, and color combinations to choose from, Iris containers certainly have a product to meet your dog food storage needs. Keep you dog food fresh and insect free with these airtight dog food storage containers.