Gamma Vittles Vault

The best of both in the world of dog food storage containers, the Gamma Vittles Vault offers many sizes of extremely sturdy, easy to use, and airtight storage bins that are decorative as well. No more hiding in the pantry or garage for these containers - they can take front stage on your counter top or floor. Made by Gamma2, who have been making pet food containers for over 20 years, the Vittles Vaults are the design result of rigorous tests coupled with recommendations by customers.

Benefits of the Gamma Vault

Large Screw-On Lid

There are several reasons why this type of lid is a benefit.

First, you need a large enough opening for :

  • easily storing the dog food
  • getting the dog food out without spilling from hitting the sides
  • easy cleaning between bags of dog food (oils and particles that are left in the bin and on the sides of the container can eventually contaminate new dog food that you put it)

Second, creating an airtight, waterproof seal. Screw on lids are less likely to allow a seal to not function properly - a problem you can experience with poorly made or flimsy top and side hinged lids.

Lastly, being large makes it easier to open and close. With it being large, there is ample leverage to be able to completely seal and open the container without much effort. This is great for those people who want their children to help in taking care of dogs, as well as people with arthritis and the elderly.

Sturdy Construction Materials

Gamma Vittles Vaults use food grade, high impact plastic to make their storage containers for pet food. This makes them very impact resistant and less likely to crack. This is important because cracks mean the seal isn't airtight and the quality of your dog food is silently slipping through the cracks.

Decorative Design

Knowing that not everyone has room in their pantry for dog food, Gamma Vittles Vaults decided to make their airtight/waterproof containers for dog food nice looking as well as functional. They come available in a white granite-stone color, some with decorative bas-relief paw prints on the sides which look very handsome on the counter-top or on the floor. And if you do put them on the floor, the screw-on lid prevents pets from getting in it.

Many Sizes

Vittle Vaults come in many sizes to meet everyone's needs. Containers are available to hold anywhere from 80 lbs of dog food to 4 lbs.

Stackable Vittles Vaults

If space is a concern, you could always look at the stackable Vittles Vaults. These come in 11 gallon (around 40 pounds of dog food) and 16 gallon (around 60 pounds of dog food). These are great if you need to feed different foods for different dogs. Another great way to utilize the stackables is if you alter your dog's food - many pet nutritionists recommend not feeding the same dog food over and over again. This is a great way to slowly transition to the new food, while still keeping both foods dry, fresh, and nutritious.

Soft-Sided Vittles Vaults

These soft-sided, collapsable, but completely airtight, vittles vaults are great for people who are pressed for space. They come with a convienent carrying handle, which makes them perfect to take with you while traveling, camping, or hunting.