Decorative Dog Food Storage Containers – Where Design Meets Function

Decorative Dog Food Storage Containers – Where Design Meets Function

Just because you store your dog food in a container, doesn't mean it has to be an ugly looking, plain, basic, plastic tote. There are many decorative dog food storage containers on the market that offer a little pizzazz with the traditional functionality of a storage bin.

Decorative Tins and Cans

Options for decorative dog food containers include cans or pails, in different colors, some with cute pictures and others with sayings on them. For small dogs and small bags of dog food, these can look great on the counter. Larger sizes look very cute on the floor.

These can be made of steel, iron, tin, recycled steel, wood, and polypropylene. Some will be airtight, and others purely for style.

While the smaller sized options may not be the answer to someone who is buying dog food in bulk, they are very nice to help keep smaller sized purchases fresh and out of reach from your pets.


Don't let the plain-ness of most dog food storage containers dissuade you from keeping your dog food fresh and dry. If your pantry is full and you have no more room under the counters, and you need to keep your dog food storage out in the open, look for these types of decorative pet food containers and combine functionality with decor.