Containers For Dog Food Should Be Airtight

Containers For Dog Food Should Be Airtight

Some storage containers merely hide the dog food and the mess of dog food bags, while others, like containers for dog food that are airtight, are designed to keep food fresh, moisture free, and pest/insect-free.

This is important to preserve vitamins and minerals that can be lost when dog food is exposed to air.

It also helps keep moisture out of the dry kibble, which can make it mushy, and at the worst case, cause the dog food to get moldy, which can become a health hazard for your dog.

And depending upon your situation and where you are storing the dog food, you may need a storage container that can keep out insects. There is nothing worse than buying a bag of dog food and finding out a couple days later that it is now infested with ants or fruit flies!

If you store your dog food in the garage, airtight dog food storage really is a must, unless you don't mind wasting that expensive dog food on annoying insects and mice.

If you store your food outside, then don't risk racoons and squirrels getting into regular storage totes, which are really quite easy to open and get inside. And even if they only take a little, chances are they will then expose the rest of the food to the elements, allowing it to get wet and ruined.

And don't think the airtight storage containers for dog food are all ugly. Manufacturers know what you want and provide you with both decorative dog food storage containers and functional ones.

If you can't store your dog food in a closet or pantry, then a nice looking, decorative container is a must.

If it is to be in a closet, then it needs to have easy access and fit nicely, in which case plastic storage bins for dog food work perfectly.

However, not all airtight dog food storage containers are equal. Some can be difficult to use and don't have the best design to keep food airtight after prolonged use (i.e. after a while the seal doesn't work well).

Others have small openings, which make it difficult not only to get food out without spilling, but also makes a real chore out of cleaning the food bins. Cleaning storage bins is very important as the oils from the previous dog food can stay on the walls of the container, thus contaminating the new dog food.

What To Look For In A Good Airtight Storage Container

Size of Opening: You need ample room to get your hand and scoop in and out easily without hitting the edges and spilling food. Remember, this is also how you clean the storage tote, so keep that in mind when buying.

Type of Opening: There are screw-on lids, hinged doors, and hinged lids. Screw on lids pretty much guarantee airtight concealment. Check the locking mechanisms for hinged doors and hinged lids to be sure it will give an airtight seal all the way around.

screw on lidhinged doorhinged lid
Screw on LidHinged DoorHinged Lid

Material: Most airtight containers for dog food are made of plastic. Check to see how thick it is. Very thin plastic can get flimsy and cause problems when trying to make a seal.

Quality Airtight Dog Food Containers

One of the best brands, Gamma Vittles Vault pet food container uses large, easy screw on lids to ensure an airtight fit. The large lid not only makes it easier to get on and off, but gives you ample room to fit your hand and scoop in, as well as keep clean.

Iris containers for pet food are one brand that uses lids and has a construction such that it ensures an airtight seal, time and time again. The entire top is the opening, which makes getting food in and out, as well as cleaning, extremely easy.

Another top rated brand is simplehuman. Most people know about simplehuman for their superior products in the home, but they also make excellent, and stylish, airtight dog food canisters as well. While a little more expensive, they last a very long time and look good in your kitchen.

Another top brand, Bergan storage for dog food, has a special designed lid that has a lid within a lid. The large lid comes off for easily putting in dog food and cleaning. While the smaller lid is large enough to scoop out the daily food.