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Dog Food Storage Containers That Work For Your Home

We have to feed our pets every day. So doesn't it make sense to get dog food storage containers that best fits your particular needs. Dog food bags get ratty and start tearing as you keep opening and folding them down again. Inevitably, kibble falls out and attracts those annoying insects. Don't keep your expensive dog food in bags that are falling apart. Enjoy the cost savings of buying in bulk, especially when there are sales, and keeping the dog food as fresh as the day you open the bag.

Benefits of Dog Food Storage

dog food storage containers benefits

  • Not only do those dog food bags not look all that nice in your house or garage, but they don't keep out those pesky insects either.
  • Bags also can't keep out those always hungry pooches looking for a little extra. Or, if you leave your dog food in the garage, it always seems like some little animal is able to make their way in and nibble a hole in the bag. Dog food containers help keep unwanted, four legged thieves from eating whenever they want.
  • But actually, one of the most important reason you should get a pet food storage container is to keep the dog food fresh. Why do we need to keep dog food fresh? Because the dog food loses many of its precious vitamins and minerals when exposed to air (oxidation). As a matter of fact, by the time you get to the bottom of a bag of regular dog food, most of the vitamins and minerals have dissipated. You are no longer really feeding a 'complete and balanced' dog food at that point.
  • Still another reason for using storage containers for dog food is to keep moisture out. Nothing ruins a bag of dog food quicker than getting it wet and letting all the bacteria and mold start to grow. Plus, it makes the dry kibble all mushy, something many dogs used to eating dry kibble just don't like.
  • Buying large bags of dog food, or even purchasing several at once when they are on sale, is a great way to save money on dog food. Dog food bins come in all sizes, anywhere from 5 pound (great for traveling or sending to the kennel for short stays) to even 80+ pounds of food.
  • Finally, pet food storage containers are especially great when you are feeding a premium dog food that does not contain artificial preservatives. While these types of preservatives keep dog foods fresher for longer (like 1 to 2 years), many dogs can't cope well with processing all the chemicals that are in food.


Things To Consider When Storing Dog Food

Even if you use a dog food storage container, you must still take some care to ensure that the dog food is safe for your pet to consume. Losing vitamins and minerals is small compared to them ingesting mold from improper storage. For this reason alone, make sure when you store dog food you keep the following away from it:

  • Moisture
  • Heat
  • Sunlight
  • Oxygen


All of these can help the growth of mold and mycotoxins, which are very dangerous to dogs. Just something to be aware of.

Also, you need to clean out your pet food storage every time you add a new bag, to make sure you get all the oils from the previous dog foods out; otherwise it can contaminate the new dog food. Either that, or you can just put the entire bag in the storage container.

Some dog food manufacturers actually recommend keeping the food in the bag and then putting the bag in airtight dog food storage containers, as many use oxygen barrier bags that are very good at keeping out oxygen and moisture.

Different Types of Containers

You're in luck. There are many different brands, types, and materials used in making pet food containers, that you are bound to find the one that fits perfectly in your home and lifestyle.

There are many different types, such as airtight storage containers, stackable, and even decorative dog food storage containers.

They can be made out of metal, plastic, and wood.

They even have dog food storage containers that are also feeders. And finally, containers on wheels, for easy maneuverability.

With all the options, there is bound to be the perfect storage container for your situation.